At Glisters , we are experienced in creating superior Web sites. Our competitive rates and efficient staff make Glisters Internationals  an excellent choice for putting your company on the Web. 

To be effective, a Web site requires an appealing design to attract and captivate an audience. In addition, your site must have a unique style, consistent with the image of your company. Imagiware has experience in designing an eclectic selection of sites, ranging from high-tech companies to rock bands. 

Poor design can cause unnecessary delays in loading your Web page. Since few people will wait for a slow page, load times can be crucial to your site's effectiveness. We have developed techniques to improve overall performance without compromising site quality. 

The power of the Web is its ability to present dynamic content. Imagiware specializes in interactive Web page design, from databases to online games. We utilize CGI and Java programming to add a compelling element to your Web site. 
ACE Designs is a team of Web Developers, Marketing Experts, Graphic Artists and Programmers assembled to meet your business or organization's Web site needs with high quality and excellent customer service. 
We aim in every job to delight our clients and give them even more than they expected for the price. We know we'll enjoy getting to know you, understanding your project, and working with you to complete it with excellence. 
We hope you'll learn a lot working with ACE Designs. We try to be as complete and informative as possible--and short on confusion. We want to be your organization's preferred source for Web Marketing Information and for High Quality Web Site Strategy and Design.

Internet Services :
Domain Name Registration : 
Every day over 16000 domain names are booked all over the world. Having a dot com website is becoming a top priority of any business. 
Glisters Internationals  offers you instant domain name registration, so that you can have the advantage of registering your domain name before someone else does. 
Website Development : 
Feel the presence of the Internet with our quality web development services. 
We offer you quality web page designing, to give your business an edge in today's global economy. 
Website Hosting : 
Glisters Internationals  feels the importace of having your website up on the internet 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For this reason, we host your website on the best platform, located in California, U.S.A. 
Our servers give you gurantee of optimum speed, using fiber optic T3 cable connection. 
Ecommerce : 
The advantage of the Internet is that your target audience is not only your local market but worldwide. Having an Ecommerce solution on your website will give you the added advantage of having your customers buy your product online without ever having the customer leave his home. 
Web Marketing :
By just having a website on the internet is not the end of the game. You need to make sure that the target audience need to knows you exist on the web. For this reason, GListers Internationals  offers you Web Marketing services, to make sure that your website is known to the web community. 
Bulk E-mail Marketing:
We create and make ads for bulk e-mail marketing which reaches Lakhs & Lakhs of 
people locally and globally wereby creating product awareness and promoting sales. 
Order are placed throung internet one of the advance mode of advertising and sales promotion
Web Consultancy : 
If you already have a website and feel that you are not getting the most out of it, your solution will be through our Web Consultancy. From design improvements, to web interactivity, Glisters  will give your website a new personality. 

Today Internet marketing is in vogaue .Manufactures and exportes including retailers
are marketing on the net by displaying their products directly to their costumer and having direct 
conrtact unlike T.V and New paper . Your products is displayed to lakhs and lakhs of people
in their offices and at their home . BRAND NAME & COMPANY AWARNESS
is created once an ad is displayed It not only creates a national market but global market
and expands the oppurtunity of new venue.

Referral / Resellers Program : 
Earn a 10% commission for every referral that uses our webdesigning services. 
You may also register to become a Reseller and get reseller rates on any of the services 
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