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Glisters International
   Hedging In Commodities Globally
If you have physical stock in commodities namely rice chemicals metals etc...  you could offer the same for sale in the various stock exchange listed below or if you wish to by the same at a given price etc... We arrange to 
see that your goods etc are sold in the international market or as the case may be purchase .You could earn huge money without even phisically bothering to locate a buyer/seller as the case may be 
Investment opportunities In India & Abroad  Huge Investment Opportunities and Consultation for future Prospects for Investments around the glob.

We introduce ourselves as Glisters internationals we specialize in the risk management services, are engaged primarily in the brokerage of the futures and options and also provide client services in non ferrous and precious metals, foreign exchange, securities  and fund management. Our  group conducts these activities through its global network of U.S. and international offices, which are strategically located in order to provide market access and information to clients throughout the world. These cities include Chicago, New York, Memphis, Bombay, Toronto, Montreal, London, Paris, Geneva, Sydney, Singapore, Rome, Hamburg, Zurich and other leading cities.

Glisters is one of the worlds largest and most highly capitalized registered futures commission merchants, which maintains memberships on all principal U.S. and international exchanges. In terms of client volume, glisters and its associates  are one of the largest members of the U.S. and London exchanges as well as other international exchanges where we transact significant portion of world-wide volume in financial, stock indices, precious and non ferrous metals, energy, currencies, and other traditional commodity futures and options on behalf of our clients. Our client base includes a broad range of financial institutions, corporations, businesses, governments, fund managers and pension funds throughout the world.

Glisters along with its  associates  has been able to command a significant world-wide market share of the client business in futures and options by providing excellent global execution and clearing capabilities along with state-of-the-art back-office systems and computer links, superior risk management, daily research reports and custom designed trading programs.

Exchanges    Market Share  Rank

Chicago Board Of Trade       28%      1
Chicago Mercantile Exchange       28%      1
COMMIX NY         21%      2
All New York Exchanges       32%      1
LIFFE  London        27%      1
London Metal Exchange        65%      1
International Petroleum Exchange        9%      8
London FOX         34%      1
MATIF Paris           7%      1
Montreal Exchange        18%      2
Sydney Exchange        22%      1
SIMEX Singapore        21%      3

Glisters . is offering advisory services to High Net 
Worth NRIs and OCBs for investment and trading opportunities  etc............

? Indices [Futures and Options in Dow Jones, 
Nasdaq, Nikkie 225, Footsie 100, CAC 40, DAX]

? Foreign Currency [Spot, Forward, Futures and Options
in US $, Sterling Pound, Euro, Yen, Australian $]

? Commodities [Futures, Options, Over-the-Counter and 
? Precious Metals [Gold, Silver]
? Non-Ferrous (Base) Metals [Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Zinc]
? Softs [Coffee, Cocoa and Sugar]
? Grains [wheat, corn]
? Oilseeds [Soy, Soy complex, Palm Oil] 
? Energy Products [Crude Oil]
? Cotton, etc.
? Bonds [Futures and Options in US Treasury Bonds,
Gilts, Bunds, Japanese Govt. Bonds]

Glisters& its associates  is one of the few futures commission 
merchants who are offering such a wide variety of instruments in the derivatives 
market. It is our endeavour to provide the clients flexibility as well as complete range of instruments to suit their preferences and personal needs of having a well structured portfolio..

We believe that our experience in the International
markets/Indices will stand us in good stead in managing and executing the derivative products/instruments offered in the Indian market.

Please feel free to call us at the above mentioned
telephone numbers or fax us the details for more information. 
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