Glisters Internationals
                 In association with
Emulgen Laboratries
Produces and exports an Anti-Wrinkle Cream
(5 in 1 anti-wrinkle / anti-aging cream formula) being marketed internationally under the Juvenesse brand name. The skin cream is offered in a 2 oz/56g jar and retails in the $30 price range. The skin cream can also be provided in bulk. Bulk pricing is US $35.00 per pound, with a one on minimum. Also, the following products for Private Label: 
*Botantical Cleanser and Toner, 
*Sun Block (SPF15), 
*Hands & Foot Cream.

Juvenesse is an extremely high quality formulation by an acclaimed chemist from the University of Chicago and manufactured with excellent quality ingredients. The essential ingredients are:
Glycolic Acid(AHA) - penetrates the skins deepest layers stimulating blood circulation and new cell generation. Lactic Acid(AHA) - works in the middle layer of skin continuing the renewal process, it helps bring newly created cells 
increased blood supply to the surface. Salicylic Acid - a most effective and long lasting gentle exfolient - it clears your skin surface ready for the new cells. This in turn reduces wrinkles and fine lines producing a smoother skin with a youthful glow and soft feel. Vitamin E - an antioxidant well known for its healing properties and its ability to tprevent free radicals from prematurely damaging your skin and helps revitalize the skin's appearance. Aloe Vera - an herbal extract and humectant well known for its healing effect on damaged skin such as burns and other wounds.

Jojoba Oil - a natural oil that smoothes skin and promotes healingSunscreen - essential in today's harsh environment. Juvenesse helps skin exfoliate dead skin cells, helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, can eliminate age spots, controls 
the greasy T-zone and generally promotes a healthy skin appearance with a soft smooth non-greasy feel. It is suitable for almost all-skin types including sensitive. 

Emulgen Laboratories, Inc. is seeking distribution in Asia and looking forward to working together with a company such as yours to introduce Juvenesse to the marketplace. We very much look forward to hearing from you and welcome your comments. Samples are free with airmail air courier charges for the buyer's account.
Juvenesse - Anti-Wrinkle Cream 5 in 1 anti-wrinkle / anti-aging cream formula

Unit Size: 2 OZ (56g) jar - Case Pack: 162 Units
One Pallet
Content: 40 Cartons
6,480 Units
Weight: 2,070 lbs.

Quantity Pricing:
1 - 4 Pallets US $9.50 per unit
5 - 9 Pallets US $8.50 per unit

*20' Container 40' Container

*Content: 450 cartons 800 cartons

*Units: 72,900 129,600

*Weight: 20,700 lbs 36,800 lbs

*Per unit Price US $5.70 US $4.70

* Delivery Terms: Exworks - Des Plaines, Illinois 60016 USA
* Delivery Time:  70 days after opening of L/C or receipt of PO for 
                 container size orders
* Minimum Order: First time trial order: One carton - Thereafter one pallet
* Payment Terms: Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight. (T/T for
                 small orders)
* Sample Policy: Samples Free, but Air Courier or AirMail charges for 
                 buyer's account